Grosh Artists

Grosh Guitars is proud and honored to be the guitar of choice for so many incredible musicians that are playing, recording and touring day in, day out. Click below to learn more about some of the Grosh Artists. Picture at right features the amazing Randy Jacobs and his ElectraJet VT. Pure Passion - Pure Tone!

David Barry (Janet Jackson, Cher, The Voice), Retro Classic

George Pajon Jr., (Black Eyed Peas, Fergie) Retro Classic, ElectraJet

Kenny Lee Lewis (Steve Miller Band), Bent Top T/Acoustic Electric Hybrid

Mark Knopfler, ElectraJets w/G-90’s

Steve MillerElectraJet, DG-293

Brian McKnight, Acoustic Electric

Randy Jackson, (American Idol, Producer) Grosh Bass

Teddy Castellucci (Studio Musician/Film Composer)

Mark Lettieri (Grammy Award winning Guitarist, Composer, Producer, Snarky Puppy), NOS Retro

Bob Mann (James Taylor), Retro Classic

Keith Scott (Bryan Adams, Cher, TIna Turner, Bryan Ferry), Retro Classic, Acoustic Electric

Ian Crawford (Panic at the Disco, The Cab), ElectraJet, Retro Classic Vintage T

Ignacio Diaz, Retro Classic with 60s Fats

Andrew Doolittle, Retro Classic

Jorge Evans, Retro Classic

Baby Face, Retro Classic

WT Feaster, Retro Classics with 60s Fats

Joe Gamble, ElectraJet

Taylor Mesple , Retro Classic Standard

Jaye Christopher Hanson, Set Neck Custom

Enrico Harmon, J4 Bass

Matthew Charles Heulitt, Retro Classic

Randy Jacobs, Retro Classic, ElectraJet VT

Jack Broad, Electrajet, Vintage 60’s, Fat 60’s

Phil Jamison (Matchless Amplifiers), Sunset 79 with Blown 59s

Matt Johnson (Tortuga Effects), Retro Classic, TurboJet

Erik Madsen, Bent Top Customs

Chris Malley, ElectraJet

Peter McCarthy, Retro Classic, ElectraJet

Glenn Pearce, Michael W. Smith Band

Jordi Pinyol, ElectraJet.

Dave Powers, ElectraJet VT

Vino Roverato (Studio Artist)

Woody Russell, Retro Classic

Craig Snyder (Studio Artist), Retro Classic Vintage T

Tony Stevens, Retro Classic, Bent Top Custom

Michael Thompson (Studio Artist)

Erick Walls, Retro Classic

Davis Wilton Bader , ElectraJet, Set Neck

Jody Whitesides, Acoustic Electric, Owner of Dancin Dear Audio

Nick Young, (Artificial Intelligence), Retro Classic



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