Artist Program

Wanna be a Grosh Artist? We would love to have you. We have many regional, national and international artists playing Grosh in virtually every corner of the world. See below for more information on our artist program. Also, please check out the "Artist List" to learn more about all the Grosh players using Grosh in the studio and on stage ... Pure Passion - Pure Tone! Featured video: Mark Knopfler playing his ElectraJet on tour.

Artist Relations Endorser / Partner Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in endorsing Grosh Guitars!  We’re always looking for passionate and accomplished players to help spread the Grosh word!  We offer “National” and “Regional” artist programs, each of which allows the artist to work directly with Grosh and to purchase Grosh products at “artist pricing”.

National Artist Program

The National Artist Program is intended for those artists who are touring/gigging on a regular basis at the national or international level and/or doing top-tier studio work.  The primary focus of this program is to increase brand awareness nationally and internationally. The competition is stiff and our roster is extremely competitive, so for serious consideration you will need a healthy mix of the following requirements:

  • Heavy focus on social media where products get regular mention and brand logos are heavily featured, such as Facebook and others
  • A yearly tour schedule that consists of a minimum of 150-200 shows
  • National TV appearances: i.e. Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Fallon, David Letterman, Daily Show, Colbert Report, etc.
  • Other high profile brand or product endorsements

Regional Artist Program

The Regional Artist Program is intended for those artists who are touring/gigging on a regular basis and doing studio work at the regional level, meaning in and around their home state.  The primary focus of this program is “grass roots” in nature – we’re looking to build long-term relationships with great players who are out there on a regular basis gigging, touring, recording, etc., in and around their home state.

If you would like to be considered for either the National or Regional Artist Program, please submit an electronic “artist package” to our main email address (see Contact).  The artist package should contain all information you feel is most pertinent to our review and decision-making process, including videos, clips, pics, bios, website, links, tour dates, discography, reviews, etc.   Also, please clearly indicate how you heard about Grosh and, more importantly, why you want to play Grosh!  Please understand that our review is subjective in nature and, as you might suspect, we can’t accept everyone into our Artist Program … but we’re happy to give everyone reasonable consideration.

Grosh endorsers are artists who love Grosh Guitars and would play our guitars/basses even if they didn’t have a direct relationship with Grosh. This is not an accident; we are looking for dedicated Grosh users who simply refuse to play anything else. We take care of ‘our own’, but Grosh artists don’t get paid, they don’t get guarantees… they don’t even get free gear. So when you see an Grosh on stage, you know that artist plays Grosh because it’s the best! Not because someone gave it to him or paid him to play it. You know that artist is in it for the tone. Pure and simple.

Thank you again for your interest in Grosh Guitars!



Send your Electronic Press Kit by email to:

We prefer electronic kits,
but if you must, send your cover letter, one sheet and music sample to:
Grosh Guitars
Artist Relations
7223 W 118th Place Unit I
Broomfield, CO. 80020


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