Grosh Baritone

Another modern classic by Grosh. The Baritone takes the ever so popular ElectraJet into uncharted territory. With a 28.5" scale length and tuned from B-to-B, the Baritone lands solidly between bass and guitar. The tone is deep, full and rich with amazing tonal complexity and definition, while at the same time retaining the ability to twang, bite and cut depending on how you work it. Extremely versatile with a tone and feel all its own. It also features Grosh-original design and bridge placement to provide a completely natural, ergonomic and balanced feel ... and of course it plays like a dream! Featuring master-grade, tone-tapped woods and ultra-thin nitro-lacquer finish. Pure Passion - Pure Tone.

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Grosh Baritone Overview, video courtesy of Wildwood Guitars:

Don Grosh playing a Baritone with TV Jones pickups, video courtesy of Wildwood Guitars:

Baritone, TV Jones, Joe Gamble:


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