Retro Classic

The ultimate strat-style instrument with unmatched tone and playability. Every aspect of the Retro Classic is a complete re-design of the traditional "S"-style guitar, from the body dimensions, countours, balance and routing to the neck design, construction and headstock. A truly revolutionary instrument that brings tone, looks, balance and playability to a whole new level. The Retro Classic delivers harmonically rich tones with an ease of playability that is simply unmatched. Featuring master-grade woods, ultra-thin nitro-lacquer finish universal pickup routs, a floating 1088 Gotoh trem, and Grosh pickups.

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Retro Classic Review, Guitar Player Magazine

Retro Classic

Retro Classic




Grosh Retro Classic Overview, 60s Fat neck and middle, Small Block 327 Bridge, video courtesy of Wildwood Guitars:

Retro Classic, 60s Fats, Joe Gamble:

Retro Classic, Doug Rappoport:

Retro Classic, Randy Jacobs:

Retro Classic, Erick Walls:

Retro Classic, 60s Fat Pickups, WT Feaster:

Retro Classic, 60s Fat Single Coils and Blown 59 Humbucker, Don Grosh:

Retro Classic, 60s Fats Sam Vilo:


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