'59 Spec

Inspired by the classic 1959 "LP"-style guitar, the '59 Spec takes our Set Neck Custom model and "decks it out" with features reminiscent of that famous instrument ... Pure Passion - Pure Tone.

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59 Spec Features:

Classic aged trapezoid inlays, aged single-ply cream neck and body binding, custom “period correct” electronics and gold top hat knobs, but with impeccable Grosh quality, tone, feel and playability. Relive those classic tones and features but in a package that is far more balanced, comfortable and effortless to play. The ’59 Spec also comes standard with a CITES certified, passport-protected Brazilian rosewood fingerboard (available as an option on other models). Featuring master-grade, tone-tapped woods, old-growth Honduran mahogany, 5A maple carve top, ultra-thin nitro-lacquer finish and handcrafted Grosh 302 pickups with Alnico 2 Magnets.


59, 59 Cherry Burst, HH01-X2

Grosh 59 Spec


59, Korina, Vintage Cherry Burst, HH17-XL

Grosh Korina 59 Spec.


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