The DG-193 is our “semi-hollow” set neck model and possibly the most versatile instrument in the set neck line. This body configuration allows great note attack and definition with plenty of snap but with an openness, thickness and dimension rarely found in a semi-hollow guitar. The body is acoustically tuned with enough mass in the right places for a full, rich and harmonically complex tone with more than enough punch and drive to push your amp without feedback. It covers all the "335"-ish tones and more ... from jazz to blues to rock, even into "LP" territory, the DG-193 will deliver ... and with quality, balance and playability that only Grosh can deliver. Featuring master-grade, tone-tapped woods, old-growth Honduran mahogany, AAAAA maple, ultra-thin nitro-lacquer finish and handcrafted Grosh pickups. Pure Passion - Pure Tone.

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DG 193 Gallery


DG-193, Small Block 302 Humbucker (Neck) and Small Block 327 Humbucker (Bridge) (pickups coil tapped in parts of video), Anton Theunissen

DG-193 (courtesy of Garrett Park Guitars).  Please note that the video mentions “upgraded Throback pickups.”  This particular guitar was made before we offered our own Grosh handcrafted pickups.  We highly recommend the Grosh pickups with the DG-193.


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