"I love my ElectraJet!"

Mark Knopfler


"Great sounding guitars!"

Steve Miller


"My Retro Classic with the 60s Fat pickups kicks out the most incredible strat tones, period. I used it for every single coil tone on my latest CD."

WT Feaster


"Grosh guitars are the weapons of the angels!"

Kenny Lee Lewis (Steve Miller Band)


"This SuperJet is simply incredible! Plays like silk and has so much tonal definition yet not harsh at all.
I love this thing. It's also a bargin compared to other Maple/Mahogany instruments."

John Flynn, Owner of Mass Street Music

Mass Street Music

"I love my Sunset '79 so much. You guys make amazing stuff. It's my main guitar now."

Phil Jamison, Matchless Amplifiers

Matchless Amplifiers

"The new Grosh Mini Humbuckers are incredible. Great drive with a sweet chime as well. I give them a 10."

John Flynn, Owner of Mass Street Music


"I have to say the ElectraJet VT is truly my all time favorite Grosh and I have four Grosh guitars. It's beautiful to look at and sounds amazing ... It is incredibly versitile. Love it Love it."

Randy Jacobs


"[Bleep]! That ElectraJet VT is a killer guitar! Such a killer guitar ..."

Teddy Gordon, Owner of Make'n Music

Make'n Music

"You've totally spoiled me with this ElectraJet. I haven't played anything else since I got it -- it just feels so "right", and all of my other guitars now feel so wrong."

Chris Malley


"My new EJ is one of the most toneful exciting guitars I have ever played. I am honored to own one."

Tony Cole, Lava Cables

Lava Cables

"I am loving these G-90's! They are absolutely stellar and really brought my guitar to life. I have a Melancon P-90 artist - Mahogany body with maple top ... I popped in a pair of your G-90's and I feel like I'm hearing this guitar the way that it was meant to sound. Still plenty of meaty mahogany midrange, but the G-90's bring out more of the maple top and the result is a gorgeous sparkle in the top end ... They sound fantastic clean (dare I say heavenly), and have plenty of attitude while still retaining excellent definition when pushing an overdriven amp. I've been setting the amp right on the edge of breakup and then I can go from clean to mean a twist of the volume knob!"

Ryan White, Engineer/Producer

Coupe Studios, Boulder, CO

"The Blown 59 sounds fantastic! ... and it feels great. I've never played a humbucker before that has that squishy feel of a single coil ... I'm 'blown away',..."

Peter McCarthy


"I knew the G-90s would sound good, but I was startled at the complexity and variety of tone. ... The G-90s can crunch with the best of them, but they can also get a wonderful clean tone with glassy highs, nice round mids, and a piano-like bass. Through an overdrive pedal, I can get the creamiest distortion while retaining all the complexity of the clean sound. Just great!"

Mike McMorries

"I finally had the funds for a top end guitar and I began to look for a great one. I had already been disappointed with "Custom Shop" and "Master Built" stuff when I noticed another guitar in the shop, your Retro Class Standard. It is, without a doubt, on another level above those other guitars. I will be purchasing one more of your guitars this coming year!"

Robert Allen

"This is my first Grosh and all I can say is wow!! This is hands down my favorite guitar and your attention to detail is impeccable. I love the feel of the neck, the fret work is amazing, I can literally feel every note and chord vibrating in my hand. So resonant!! ... I will be ordering more... Thank you for making such a quality instrument and keeping prices affordable!"

Jason Michael Owens

"I've had a chance to spend some time with my new ElectraJet ... First, the workmanship is impeccable. The finish is stunning. ... It rings like a bell when playing unplugged, and has a very alive feel. The neck is perfect. I'm really diggin' the guitar!"

Mike McMorries

"Thank you for making the best guitars my hands have ever played. My first Grosh is a used Trans Purple Bent Top Custom ... Needless to say, it's the only guitar that's brought the same amount of joy and inspiration that made me want to start playing in the first place. I'm looking forward to owning more of your masterpieces ... To the master at his craft, thank you again for making phenomenal instruments."

Kenji Chan

"Holy crap you guys make great guitars! The neck feel is amazing and makes it very hard to put down - I immediatley felt like I had owned the guitar for years from the second I picked it up. I've been playing some of the more modern strat style guitars lately and I can't tell you how great it is to hear great vintage strat sounds coming out of the amp as the guitar almost plays itself. This guitar is incredibly responsive and dynamic ... after buying and selling over a half dozen strat style guitars this year, my quest for the ultimate strat is over."

Ryan White, Owner/Engineer/Producer

Vertigo Sound Lab

"Just wanted to thank you guys for the amazing ElectraJet I now own. I don't usually gush over stuff like this, but wow. It's amazing. Just perfect."

Adam Brecher

"I finally got my EJVT #2601 in my hands today ... It's magical. Don is a Magician ... seriously, I've been schooled by this guitar - the sustain, tone, resonance plugged/unplugged, dynamics is off the chart. I've never heard or played anything like it in my entire life. Tone is fantastic, exceeded my expectations by a long shot. I thank you guys from the bottom of my heart."

Siddharth Mody

"I just got a Grosh Electrajet Standard ... I am absolutely impressed with how incredible this guitar sounds. This is my first Grosh and it lines up with all the glowing reviews I’ve read ... awesome neck and fret work, beautiful, articulate, deep G-90 pickups and the tone-tapped wood resonates like no other guitar I’ve had. Thanks for building such amazing instruments!"

David Deppmeier

"I just have to say how thrilled I am with my Grosh guitars. I have a Retro Classic & a '59 Spec. The build quality is amazing and the tone... No words!"

Corey Cohen

"My second EJ arrived and I couldn't be happier! I now have the two most expressive instruments I've ever played. With the S/S/H set up, it's the perfect compliment to my G-90 EJ. Now I've got the all sounds I've been looking for with fit, finish and feel that are second to none. When it comes to getting the tones I want with the comfort and top build quality I'm looking for in an instrument, Grosh has no equal."

Jim Bartschi

"Simply put, the Grosh Blown 59 is to pups what the Marshall Super Lead is to amplification."

George Evans

"Just wanted to pass along my sincere thanks for the fantastic job you guys did on the Plum Crazy Sunset 79. It is beyond words. The look, fit, finish, and tone are simply off the charts. The neck is to die for ... and the pickups are unreal--they growl--but also clean up enough to deliver excellent low to mid gain tones. The frets ... absolutely tremendous. And who doesn't like Plum Crazy? These factors combined produce a world class guitar."

Jim Sparks

"I have had my ElectraJet home for a couple of months now and it really is great, the neck is incredibly comfortable and just so easy to play, it stays in tune like no other guitar that I have and the G-90’s sound just right, big and fat when pushed but roll back a bit and jazzy sounds come out. Of course the faultless build and superb finish make owning a Grosh such a joy."


"I have very recently become the proud owner of the what is unquestionably the best guitar that I have ever owned ... my ElectraJet Custom, ... and in comparison to various other guitars that I have owned, ...well what can I say, there is no comparison. Thank you all for your undoubtedly, tremendous skills in providing myself and many other guitarists in what I know will be many years of guitar playing pleasure."

Keith Bell

"When I got my Set Neck Custom, I was astounded. This thing was several pounds lighter [than my LP] but had amazing sustain, and the playability is unlike anything I played. This thing murders that old LP in every category: fit and finish, sound, feel, and most importantly playability. Several months later I sold my "nice" F-branded strat and got a Retro Classic S...same experience as before! The RC is better in every way from any strat I've had my hands on. I'm now looking to dump a few more guitars and find an Electrajet VT to round out the collection. I don't know what you guys are doing to these things at the factory, but please keep doing it!"


"I just cannot stop gushing about the Sunset '79. I just picked up my third one, in Black Orange Metallic ... This goes well with my Plum Crazy and Soda Can Green models. This guitar is just perfect--I swear you guys should call it the Jim Sparks signature model. It's perfect in every way."

Jim Sparks

"Today I was at Eddie’s guitars ... while there I played a Set Neck Custom and was absolutely floored. It is at home with me now and I am proud to say I could not set it down for 3+ hours. The clarity, the fit and feel, the weight, the neck dimensions, etc. suit me better than any other guitar I own. I have numerous custom shop Gibby's, Nash Strats and Teles, K-Lines, a Duesenberg, a Lentz, Andersons, etc. And while I love them all, I can honestly say that in 30 years of playing I have never picked one up that was so totally perfect as this one ... This one is a lifer - and I will be back for more!"

Jim Comparato

"The 327 is in, it sounds AWESOME! Just an outstanding pickup, compliments to you all ... Really appreciate all the service you guys gave me. I freaking LOVE the 327. Your guys shit is in another level."

Alex Doty

"Loving my Electrajet with the Small Block humbuckers. Absolutely kills it. Have had it out live twice now, and the compliments are never ending on tone! This with my Carr amps is incredible!"

Todd Mangis

"I just bought a Retro Classic ... this guitar is a masterpiece, extremely rich tone, full of harmonics, attack, dynamics and sustain. I can FEEL the guitar resound under my hands. I love it! What about the neck? Wonderful ... A heaven ... And the sound is PURE TONE ... Thank you for this amazing instruments.. Ten thousand time thank you!"

Emiliano Bagnato


"I am so incredibly impressed with the quality, fit, finish, tone and playability of my NOS Retro Custom. I cannot begin to tell you how thrilled I am. The guitar for me is a game changer. Its tone and play-ability inspire new levels of creativity I have not experienced with other instruments. I am certain this will not be my last Grosh purchase! Masterbuilt quality for incredibly fair prices ... I can't thank you enough."

Gary Roberts

"Recently got an ElectraJet ... Love this guitar! Tell Don he designed a classic. Such an understated beauty."

Gary Gratzer

"Thanks to everyone in the shop for making such great guitars, almost two years in on my EJ and I'm still blown away every time I play it!"

Brad Nye

"Truly the most tone inspiring guitars I have ever played ... Resonance is off the charts. All of them are consistent in quality and stay in tune with my maniac style. ... Been playing Grosh for over 10 years and now own 3 ... LOVE THEM ALL!"

Mike Martos

"I'm loving my new Retro Classic - it's my main rock'n go to guitar now ... Really surprised at how well this guitar rocks out, great clean all the way thru to mesa break up - its screams & sings really great ... Thanks for the amazing axe Grosh!"

Gabriel Macdonald

"I have recently purchased my second Grosh guitar. A Denim SuperJet ... I love the ElectraJet / SuperJet shape, it balances so well and now with the combination of G-90 and Small Block 302 / 307 pickups with coil tap on my 2 Grosh guitars the achievable sounds are truly amazing. These are now the only 2 guitars that I use for all of my guitar work. Many thanks for skillfully producing what are undoubtedly the best quality manufactured, playable guitars on today's highly competitive and complex guitar market."

Keith Bell

"I started buying Grosh guitars about 10 years ago and have added one or two to my collection every year since. It has been one of my greatest pleasures in life to own and experience daily the sonic goodness, playability and visual beauty that regularly comes out of your shop... my sense is that Grosh guitars are now among the most collectible guitars on the planet by those who actually play the instruments they own. And in my view, the true test of sustained artistic excellence is that the output gets even better over time ... Please never stop creating these amazing instruments. You are changing the world by setting new standards of artistic excellence and innovation."

Dan Wright

"I’ve been looking for that early 60’s tone in a rosewood, and late 50’s in a maple. These [NOS Retros] fit the bill perfectly! ... Earlier in the day, I played my [other boutique guitar] and two of my custom built strats, as well as an original ’64 Strat. These KILL them (at least to my ears)! Got them home and played them through my rig (2 Carr Ramblers, one clean and one dirty) … and WOW!!! ... A sincere THANK YOU for building such wonderful instruments, from great tone woods, with meticulous attention to detail, quality, and fit-n-finish … as well as the best feeling necks in the world!"


"I bought an NOS Retro (Metallic Ocean Turquoise) a few weeks ago from Brian's Guitars and after playing it I had to contact you to tell you how amazing it is. I absolutely love this guitar. It blows any other electric guitar I've played away. There is not one single flaw and is absolutely perfect from the sound, to the playability, to the amazing finish (I love the color)."

Jonathan Bittner

"I just bought an NOS Retro ... It is a truly wonderful instrument - one of the best I have ever owned - I can't put it down.
Please pass on my thanks to Mr. Grosh and the team for making such a great guitar!"

Simon Francis

"I recently bought Sunset 79 # 2837, it is a Metallic plum color. I had to write you to tell you how blown away I am with my new favorite guitar. ... The neck is such a great shape ... It plays so well ... The guitar is just beautiful ... Your pickups kill - Powerful but clear and rich. I think it is the best neck Humbucker I have ever heard. ... Thank you for your amazing work!"

Chris Gray

"My Retro Classic is everything I wanted ...... and more! The build quality is exceptional, the neck ultra comfortable, and the tones are through the roof! ... Keep up the great work .... both in building, and with the personal customer service touch!"

Ryan Hoffman

"I have played the guitar for over 40 years. Among my collection of guitars are several Master Built Fender Telecasters. I purchased one of your Retro Classic Hollow T (thinline version) last year. It is truly one of the finest guitars that I have had the privilege to own and play. The guitar has become my favorite. The build, feel and tonal qualities are superb. I commend you on an excellent product."

Sheldon Minkow

"I got my first DG Retro Classic #711 years ago ... In my 30 years as a pro guitarist I've never played such an incredible instrument as my RC."

Peter McCarthy


"Thanks again for another AMAZING guitar, you guys never cease to amaze me. LOVE my new RCVT! I've actually been enjoying playing it unplugged a lot lately since I don't have a place to crank it at the moment, and it rings so nicely! Plugged in of course is a whole nother story, the GT bridge pup just screams without being overly bright and GT neck pup is just so sweet! The one piece swamp ash body is gorgeous and the finish is impeccable as always."

Igor Boros, Canada

"My new ElectraJet VT sounds wonderful, and has that undefinable "magic" that separates a truly special guitar from a guitar that is merely great. I can get everything I would expect from a classic Tele and a lot more ..."

Tom Givan

"The ElectraJet is an amazing instrument...the tone is unbelievable...clear, warm, fiery, dirty...whatever you could possible want its there!"

David Lawrence

"I recently purchased my first Grosh [Retro Classic] ... It is by far the best guitar I have ever owned."

Drew Smith

"The SuperJet arrived Saturday ... It exceeded my expectations, which were pretty damn high to begin with. The Small Block 302 and 327 pickups are extremely versatile, as you said they'd be, and more important, the versatility is not just for show: all selections sound great (the split coil tones have their own personality and are amazing!), and even the volume and tone knobs are functional and nuanced. And it looks awesome! Anyway, the SJ is a killer guitar ..."

Chris Colbath

"I got the pickguard today [loaded with 60s Fats and Small Block 327 pickups] ... WHOA! Exactly what I wanted! It sounds unreal! The 60s Fat / 327 combination is amazingly versatile and incredibly musical. I'm 100% blown away, these pickups in the ElectraJet are just fantastic."

Mike Riggs

"My ElectraJet guitars continue to amaze me every day. From the simple, elegant design to the incredible set up and amazing tone, these guitars are filled with inspiration."

Mark Stys


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