The G-90 is the Grosh-inspired evolution of the traditional P-90-style pickup. We voiced the G-90 to sound incredibly alive, organic and musical in all configurations and types of guitars. While capturing the essence of the traditional P-90 tone, the G-90 has much more harmonic content, depth and clarity. The neck pickup is fat, rich, and warm. The bridge pickup is big and bold, and cuts like a knife with just the right amount of compression for lead playing. The tone is very organic and 3-dimensional with excellent string-to-string definition. Whether you’re looking for clean and jazzy, tight and spanky, or raw and rebellious, the G-90 will get you there. Alnico V magnets. Output: ~7k neck, ~8k bridge. Available with black or cream covers. All Grosh pickups are wax potted and handcrafted in our shop using only the highest quality components. Video featuring Greg V.

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Grosh ElectraJet Standard Overview, G-90 pickups, video courtesy of Wildwood Guitars:

ElectraJet, G-90s, Greg V, video courtesy of Fat Sound Guitars:

Electrajet, G-90s, Joe Gamble:

Don Grosh playing an ElectraJet Standard with G-90s, video courtesy of Wildwood Guitars

ElectraJet Standard, G-90 pickups, Italian guitarist Osvaldo Di Dio.  Also, Italian bassist Massimo Ciaccio playing a Grosh J5 bass.


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