Blown 59

The Blown 59 is our highest output humbucker. Overwound, yet vintage-oriented, its most distinctive feature is a spongy attack that matches perfectly with a dimed-out tube stack. It’s aggressive without being harsh, even at high volumes. It has a warm sustain with rich complex harmonics and strong midrange. The low-end response is chunky, but restrained. The result is a hot-rodded player's dream pickup with great articulation and dynamic range. And don't forget to roll back the volume for some of the most amazingly rich clean tones. The Blown 59 also splits extremely well for surprising versatility. The Blown 59 works great as a set, or pair the bridge with some 60s Fats for a monster "super-strat" configuration. Alnico II magnets. Output: ~9.3k neck, ~11.5k bridge. Available in nickel, zebra or black. All Grosh pickups are wax potted and handcrafted in our shop using only the highest quality components.

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