Joe Gamble

ElectraJet, ElectraJet VT, Grosh Pickups
"Two things happened shortly after I started gigging my first ElectraJet; the first was that I bought two more and the second was that I sold my other guitars..."


Joe is a working guitarist living in Los Angeles. He currently owns two Electrajet Customs as well as an Electrajet VT. He uses them all day long, playing bars, clubs, theaters, weddings, his own music, other people’s music, on radio and television commercials, on television programs and just about anything else anyone will hire him to do.

Of his EJs he says, “I’ve told Don before, it’s like he created my own signature guitar when he came up with the Electrajet. It’s the perfect platform for nearly everything I do musically and I can’t thank him enough for building them.”


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