Pieter Vermeulen

"I love especially my EJ's. I think it's the best and most beautifull design ever..."


Pieter Vermeulen is a professional player and teacher from The Netherlands who is working on his first solo album. “I started playing my first Grosh RCS in 1999 and was the first Grosh owner in my country. I still have play this wonderful guitar. I recorded and played with some famous Dutch bands as Volumia! and Rowwen Heze and others. I love especially my EJ’s. I think it’s the best and most beautifull design ever. It can be anything you want by choosing the right woods, color and pickups. It can be a blues monster to a classic rock machine or a beautifull balanced sounding jazz guitar. I sold my ’77 ES 175 because of my HB equiped EJ.
And my black gold metallic EJ with three mini HB’s is the coolest guitar I’ve ever had. I’m sold on Grosh Guitars. Thank you Don!”


Pieter’s Website



An Electrajet spotted at Abby Road Studios!



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