The SuperJet combines the ever-popular ElectraJet body shape with the classic mahogany/maple body wood combination. It delivers those great classic rich, thick and complex tones that are achieved when you combine a mahogany body with a maple top ... warmth, richness and dimension from the mahogany with punch and clarity from the maple. And the Grosh-original body shape adds a little "more" of everything ... more depth, thickness, dimension and punch. An extremely versatile instrument depending on pickup configuration .... jazz, fusion, funk, rock and more. The SuperJet comes standard with a pickguard and front-routed body, which "opens" up the tone a bit. For a more modern, focused tone, check out the rear-routed TurboJet. Featuring master-grade, tone-tapped woods, AAAAA maple, ultra-thin nitro-lacquer finish and handcrafted Grosh pickups. Pure Passion - Pure Tone.

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