NOS Retro

The ultimate "traditional" strat-style instrument with unmatched tone and playability. Very similar to our Retro Classic in tone, the NOS Retro combines the traditional "S" shape and features with the unmatched construction, tone and playability of a Grosh. The NOS Retro features a true "S" body shape, vintage pickup routing and traditional truss rod construction. For the player who must have the look and features of a traditional strat-style guitar but demands the ultimate in tone and playability, it doesn't get any better than the NOS Retro. And like every custom Grosh guitar, the NOS features master-grade, tone-tapped woods, ultra-thin nitro-lacquer finish and handcrafted Grosh pickups. Pure Passion - Pure Tone.

Specs, Options and Pricing

NOS Gallery

NOS Retro Features.

NOS Retros come standard with:

Nitro Cellulose Lacquer, Grosh handmade pickups, Gotoh Bridge, Gotoh Vintage locking Klusons, Graphtech Nut, Aged satin Lacquer on the neck, Vintage style single truss rod, Grosh angled neck heal, Individual pickup routs, 5 way, volume, tone, blend controls, and a high quality formed hardshell G&G Case.

Individual pickup routs and conductive shielding paint.

Individual pickup routs.

Angled neck heel for comfortable access to higher frets.

Angled neck heel.

Easy access truss rod.

Easy access truss rod.

Vintage style locking tuners by Gotoh.

Vintage style locking keys

Vintage Style 6 screw trem, bent metal saddles, screw in arm w/adjustable bushing, Zinc Block. Gotoh 510

Vintage Style 6 screw trem.

Trem arm adjustable bushing.

Trem arm adjustable bushing.

NOS Vintage Grosh Logo.

NOS Vintage Grosh Logo.

Grosh Custom Electronics. CTS pots, .47 Orange drop tone cap, Blend Control.

Grosh Custom Electronics.

Custom Hardshell Case by G&G Quality Cases.

Custom Hardshell Case.

Beautiful Custom case ends.

Beautiful Custom case ends.

Beautiful Fret Work.

Beautiful Fret Work.

Aged knobs and covers.

Aged knobs and covers.


All samples NOS w/60’s Fats. By Lyle Long

Neck, and Middle.

Neck only.

Middle only.

Middle and Bridge.

Clean and Dirty.

Bridge only.

Chord Chimes.

Blues Licks.

More Blues.


NOS Retro, 60s Fat single coils and Small Block 327 humbucker, Ede Wright of Wright Tone Guitars:


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