60s Vintage

The 60s Vintage takes the classic design elements and tone of Sixties, "pre-CBS" single coils to whole another level with superior quality, tone, dimension and clarity. After countless hours searching, listening and analyzing classic single coils from the pre-CBS era, Don created the 60s Vintage pickup. And in true Grosh fashion, it’s not a copy, but a Grosh-inspired evolution that captures the essence of that era of pickups. Firm lows, rich and throaty mids, sweet and airy highs … with a percussive, organic, piano-like clarity and unmatched string-to-string definition. Alnico V magnets. Output: ~6.2 neck and middle, ~7.2 bridge. All Grosh pickups are wax potted and handcrafted in our shop using only the highest quality components.

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