GTX Bridge

Like the GT bridge, the GTX bridge pickup takes the classic design elements and tone of vintage "T-style" pickups to a whole new level with superior quality, tone, dimension and clarity. Like the GT, the GTX delivers tight lows, clear mids, and smooth, spanky highs but with just a "little more" - slightly more output which results in thicker mids and a bit more punch, while retaining a percussive, organic tone and unmatched string-to-string definition. Alnico V magnets. Output: ~8.7. All Grosh pickups are wax potted and handcrafted in our shop using only the highest quality components.

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ElectraJet VT, GT neck, GTX bridge, Joe Gamble


Grosh ElectraJet VT Overview, GT neck and GTX bridge pickups, video courtesy of Wildwood Guitars:

ElectraJet VT, GT neck, GTX bridge, Greg V:

ElectraJet VT, GT neck, GTX bridge, Joe Gamble:

ElectraJet VT, GTX bridge, GT neck, Joe Gamble (courtesy of Jedamp):

ElectraJet VT, GTX Bridge, GT Neck, ProGuitarShop:


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